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Eccotemp Vertical Vent Kit 4" Diameter Stainless Steel

by Z-Flex
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The 4" Eccotemp vertical single-wall vent kit is designed for use with through-roof installations of various models of indoor water heaters that have 4" fittings, such as the Eccotemp EL22i-NG, EL22i-LP, 45HI and 40HI and the Marey 5L and 10L models.

Made of durable AL-294C stainless steel, category II/III approved.

Made in AmericaIncluded components

• 1 x 4" Rain cap (2SVSRCF04)
• 1 x 4" Top support/storm collar (2SVSLSF04)
• 1 x 4" Adjustable roof flashing (2SVSADJF04)
• 1 x 4" Universal Appliance Adapter (2SVSNA04.5)
• 1 x 4" Backflow Preventer (2ZVBP04)

Note: You may need to purchase your desired length of straight pipe, firestop support, firestop spacer, and condensate drain. These pieces are shown in the blue Related Gadgets tab above.


• Vent material: AL29-4C stainless steel, made in USA
• Certification: Tested to meet or exceed Underwriters Laboratories (UL) spec UL1738 and ULS636
• Approval: Cat II, III, IV venting
• Limited Lifetime Warranty


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