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EcoSmart POU 6 Point-of-Use 6.5kW 240v Electric Water Heater

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5.5KW EcoSmart POU6

The EcoSmart Point of Use Water Heater gives you hot water only when you need it.

≈ Save energy, water and on overall material cost
≈ No standby heat loss and no long pipe runs
≈ Easy installation
≈ Works with low water pressure

Elegant, Compact, Economical and Safe

The EcoSmart POU 6 is 5 kW at 208V, 5.5 kW at 220v and 6 kW at 240V. This Point of Use electric tankless water heater is built for single point-of-use applications such as hand sinks with a maximum flow of one (1) gallon per minute (GPM). It is ideal for small shops, wet bars, physicians' clinics, medical offices, sailboats, manufacturing facilities, RVs, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, retail stores, motels, schools, office buildings, gas stations, and more.

Its compact size fits easily under a cabinet or sink, or in very small areas. It is easy to install, sturdy and made of high-quality materials. The heat exchanger is made from stainless steel, and the heating elements are made of copper and brass. It is easily replaceable in the field, unlike other point of use water heaters on the market that need custom-made cartridges or complete exchanger replacements.

These point of use models have a digital temperature indicator on the front. It does not have a temperature control. Your output temperature depends on your incoming water temperature and water flow rate. Note however, that this heater will allow water to flow though at a rate higher than 1 GPM; its maximum flow rate is much higher.

Compact and dependable, the new ECOSMART POU models bring impressive performance in a wonderfully small package. All at a budget-friendly price.


Temperature Rise .50 GPM .75 GPM 1.0 GPM
Eco POU 6 74°F 49°F 37°F


Voltage 208/220/240
Phase Single
KW 5.5 kW @ 220V
6 kW @ 240V
Elements 1 x 5.5 KW @ 220V
Amperage Draw 25 @ 220V
30 @ 240V
Required Breaker 25 amp DP @ 220V
30 amp DP @ 240V
Required Wire 10 AWG
Electrical Panel 100 Amps
Hertz 50/60
Connection Fitting 1/2" NPT
Dimensions (in.) 7" x 11" x 3"
Weight 4 lbs.
Exchanger Stainless Steel
Protection Thermal Auto
Activation Flow 0.25 GPM
Energy efficiency 99.80%
Certification ETL Listed to UL 499 & CSA
Warranty 1 Year on exchangers,
electronics, and elements


Download Operating Instructions and Installation Manual here

Download Troubleshooting Manual here


Emergency Eye Wash
Eye/Face Wash
Hospitality Bar Sink
Kitchen/Bar Sink
Multiple Lavatories
Non-Public Lavatory
Public Lavatory
Scrub Sink
Service Sink

EcoSmart POU Industrial

Ideal for manufacturing facilities, photo processing facilities, schools, colleges & universities, restaurants, booster application, hospitals, manufacturing processes, rinsing processes, sterilizers.

Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ")

Q1: How do I replace the heating element on the POU 6?
A1. Replacing the heating element on the Ecosmart POU6 tankless water heater is fairly simple. But since removing the water heater cover is necessary, and there is a risk of injury or death due to high voltage, Ecosmart recommends that a licensed electrician do the work. Here are the steps:

1. Disconnect power.
2. Remove cover.
3. Unscrew the two steel screws on the end of the element plug and remove the two wires.
4. Unscrew the element from the heating chamber. The POU6 uses 1 element.
5. Tightly, securely screw in new elements and replace wires and cover.

The Ecosmart POU 6 uses one heating element available for purchase here.

Q2: Can I install the ECO 11 outdoors?
A2: Ecosmart tankless water heaters are designed for indoor installation. Installation outdoors is acceptable only if mounted an enclosure that protects it from dust, debris, rain, splashed water, insects, and direct sunlight. It must not be installed where it may be exposed to freezing temperatures. If any moisture is inside it when it freezes, the warranty is void.