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Exact Cermet 165 Steel-Copper-Plastic Pipe Cutting Blade

Original price $120.00 - Original price $124.95
Original price
$120.00 - $124.95
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The Exact Cermet 165 is designed to cut steel, stainless, copper, plastic, and acid proof pipes. For use with the PipeCut 280E, and 360E.

The Cermet blade has ceramic alloy tips for heavy duty applications, especially for cutting stainless and acid-proof steel.

Use for the following materials

• Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Copper
• Plastic
• Acid-proof steel

Dimensions (mm): 165 x 62 x 1.8 x 1.4 x 52

Sharpening info

Cermet blades can be sharpened two to three times. They must be sharpened before they get too dull. We suggest buying extra blades so that you can send them to be sharpened and switch them out in order to reduce downtime.

Exact Tools offers a wide range of blades designed especially for Exact PipeCut saws. They are high quality blades designed for different purposes and different PipeCut machines. The correct blade should help you achieve optimal cutting results.