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Exact PipeCut 360 PRO Steel-Copper-PVC Pipe Cutter

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$3,806.00 - $3,825.95
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The PipeCut 360 PRO is the portable, all-purpose pipe cutter that professionals use.
NEW model introduced in late 2018

New, upgraded features

• Most powerful Exact 2200 Watt motor yet
• New digital control protects the motor from overload
• Intuitive warning indicator lights to alert the saw operator
• Laser guide for precise cutting
• Improved adjustment system for straight cutting
• Superior quality meeting EU standards
• Increased ability to cut thicker pipe walls: Thickness up to 0.5"
• Optional vacuum attachment to remove debris while cutting

Exact pipe cutters are specially designed for professional use

All Exact pipe cutters are easy to carry, lightweight, and portable to take on-site. They can cut different types of steel, plastic, copper, iron, and multi-layer pipes. The Exact pipe system cuts straight and clean which is important for welding pipes. Exact saws are not only precise, they are also incredibly fast. Cutting a pipe with a 1/8" wall and 6" diameter takes less than 20 seconds.

The PipeCut 360 PRO features include automatic overload protection, two-stage motor speed control, constant torque, and soft start. It cuts easily, even through the toughest cast iron pipe. It was designed and constructed to withstand even the most demanding conditions.

This is the pipe fitter's most valuable tool at the installation site. The PipeCut 360 PRO pipe saw can only be used to cut round pipes. PipeCut 360 PRO pipe saw is not intended for use in industrial production. PipeCut 360 PRO pipe saw is intended for short, intermittent use for no more than 2.5 minutes during a 10-minute period.


Pipe Ø (OD) and range of use 75 mm to 360 mm (3" to 14")
Maximum pipe wall thickness 12.7 mm (0.5") for steel. 50.8 mm (2") for plastic
Cuts the following pipe materials Steel, copper, cast iron, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, multi-layered materials and all plastics
NOTE: TCT 165 blade included with saw is only for non-stainless steel, copper, plastic and aluminum
Voltage / Current (N. America, UK, UAE) 110V to 120V / 15A
Voltage / Power (Europe, et al.)
Special order option)
230V / 1750W
No-Load speed I=1900 revolutions/min, II=2885 revolutions/min
Blade diameter 165 mm (6.50")
Mounting bore 62 mm (2.44")
Weight 17.5 kg (38.6 lbs)
Electronics Blade speed preselection, automatic fuse, soft start, torque control
Speed preselection I = Stainless steel and acid-resistant steel, II = all other materials
Loading capacity of supports 465 kg, 1025 lb (3 supports)

Included items

• PipeCut Bag
• TCT 165 blade, installed on saw
• Operating instructions
• Pipe Support 360 Double and 2x 360 Single
• Exact PipeCut 360 PRO pipe saw
• 5 mm and 2 mm hex socket key in receptacles on saw body
• DVD video disc with instructions

Blade information for Exact PipeCut saws

¤ TCT blades (tungsten carbide tip): Use for cutting steel, aluminium, copper, and all types of plastics. TCT blades can be sharpened.
¤ Cermet blades (ceramic alloy tip): Use for cutting stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper, acid proof materials, and all types of plastics. Cermet blades can be sharpened.
¤ Diamond blades: Use for cutting cast iron only. Diamond blades cannot be sharpened.

PipeCut 360 PRO speed control recommendations

Stainless steel: I
Steel: II
Cast-iron: II
Plastics: II


PipeCut 280 PRO, 360 PRO, 460 PRO Operating Instructions

Warranty terms

Frequently Asked Question ("FAQ")

Q1: What is the difference between the 360 PRO and the discontinued 360E?
A1: * The 360 PRO can cut thicker pipe: 0.5 inches versus 0.4 inches with the 360E.
* The 360 PRO has a more powerful saw motor
* The 360 PRO has a laser guide, while the 360E did not.
* The 360 PRO has a redesigned pipe and position adjustment mechanism.
* The 360 PRO added programming to prevent motor overload.

Q2: I see there are two voltages listed in the specs: 110V and 230V. Does one unit switch between the voltages as needed, like a switching power supply?
A2: No, it does not have both voltages in one unit. There are two voltage versions of the 360 PRO, one with 110/120V AC and one with 230V AC. The 110V version is available for immediate shipment worldwide. Please contact us if you require the 230V version.

Q3: Can this cut 2" carbon steel pipe that is running vertically and can't be pulled away from the wall? I need to cut the pipe in place.
A3: With all PipeCut models, the minimum distance between the pipe and the wall is 8 inches. That much distance allows the saw to cut all the way around the pipe. Another solution is to cut through the majority of the pipe with the PipeCut and then quickly finish the small remaining portion with a reciprocating saw. That way, the cut would continue to be straight and quick.

Q4: Do you have to use Exact brand cutting blades only or can I use other brands of blades?
A4: Exact PipeCut saws require a 62mm arbor. We are not aware of any other blades with this size fitment.