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Exact PipeCut P400 Plastic-PVC Pipe Cutter

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Exact Tools PipeCut P400 plastic pipe portable cutter

The PipeCut P400 is a unique tool for plastic pipe installations. It cuts and bevels plastic pipes in one step. You just have to cut around a pipe once and you also get a nice 15° bevel and an accurate end cut for a connection. The the PipeCut P400 can also be used either as a stand-alone pipe bevel tool or pipe saw.

The portable, all-purpose pipe cutter that professionals use

The Exact pipe cutter series is specially designed for professional use. All Exact pipe cutters are easy to carry, lightweight, and operate on-site. Various models can cut steel, plastic, copper, cast-iron, and multi-layer pipes. The Exact pipe system cuts straight and clean which is important for welding pipes. Exact saws are not only precise, they are also incredibly fast. Cutting a pipe with a 1/8" wall and 6" diameter takes less than 20 seconds.


Pipe Ø (OD) range of use 100mm – 400mm (3.9"- 15.7")
Wall thickness 25mm (0.98") cut, 22mm (0.86") c.b.
Cuts the following pipe materials Plastics
Voltage / Current (N. America, UK, UAE) 110V-120V / 8.4A 60Hz
Voltage / Power (Europe, et. al, special order) 230V / 1010W
No-Load speed 4000 revs/min
Blade diameter 148/150mm (5.8"/5.9")
Mounting bore 62mm (2.44")
Weight 6.0kg (13 lbs)
Max. pipe wall 25mm (0.98") cut, 22mm (0.86") c.b.


• PipeCut Bag
• Cut Bevel blade
• TCT P150 blade, installed on saw
• Operating instructions
• Exact PipeCut P400 pipe saw
• 5 mm and 2 mm hex socket key, attached to holders on saw
• DVD video disc including instructions
• Pipe Supports: 2x P400 Single + P400 Double

Frequently Asked Question ("FAQ")

Q1: I see there are two voltages listed in the specs: 110V and 230V. Does one unit switch between the voltages as needed, like a switching power supply?
A1: No, it does not have both voltages in one unit. There are two voltage versions of the P400E, one with 110/120V AC and one with 230V AC. The 110V version is available for immediate shipment. Please contact us if you require the 230V version.