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Fun Talking Parrot Desktop Toy, Home Decor

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$29.95 - $34.90
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This parrot mimics your voice and repeats anything you say

This parrot has a built-in sound sensor and mic that automatically records what you say when you start talking, and then repeats it twice. The recording and playback is up to 30 seconds in length. It also randomly whistles, tweets, and says "Hello", "I love you" and "I see you". Then the parrot moves side to side, flaps its wings, and opens its beak while talking.


• The flower on the base lights up while recording
• Built-in pen holder
• On/off switch
• Effective recording range: 3 feet or less
• Batteries: 3 'AA' (not included)
• Weight: 0.6 lbs.
• Dimensions: 6" x 4" x 10.5"

Frequently Asked Question ("FAQ")

Q: I got this item and the head and wings won't move like you said it would. I think it's defective.
A: It probably is not defective. Try pushing the bird's legs into the branch until it snaps/clicks into place. Be careful to hold the branch firmly so you don't break it.

The bird must make good contact with the branch. Remove the bird from the branch. Notice the contact points within the branch and on the bottom of the bird's feet. This is the connection you must make. You may need to press rather hard on the feet.

If that does not work, then next, carefully remove the parrot from its perch, rotate the parrot 180 degrees, then re-insert it into the perch.

Again, you must make sure that you have a firm connection between the parrot's feet and the branch. Otherwise, you will get sound without movement.