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Rinnai RLX94iN Luxury Series Ultra-Low NOx Indoor NG Tankless Water Heater

by Rinnai
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High-efficiency, high-output for 9.8 gallons of hot water per minute.

The Rinnai RLX94i-N offers the same benefits as other Luxury Series tankless heaters like a limitless, energy-efficient supply of hot water wherever and whenever you need it, while meeting the strict SCAQMD NOx emissions standard at the same time.


• Natural Gas only
• 10,300 to 192,000 BTUh
• Hot water flow rate of .26 to 9.8 gpm
• .82 Energy Factor (ENERGY STAR qualified)
• Includes isolation valves for easy maintenance
• Front cover material: Powder coated galvanized steel
• Certified for usage in manufactured and modular homes
• Circ-Logic ensures optimum operation of the external circulation pump
• Low NOx Emissions (20ppm), complies with South Coast Air Quality Management District 14ng/J or 20ppm NOx emission levels

Rinnai RLX94iN Luxury Series Ultra-Low NOx Indoor NG Tankless Water Heater

Water output in GPM per temperature rise



​Width: 14, Height: 23, Depth: 9.3

Weight 46 pounds
Ignition Direct Electronic
Hot Water Capacity 0.26 - 9.8 GPM
Minimum Activation Rate ​0.4 GPM
Minimum/Maximum Gas Rate (Input BTUs) 10,300 – 192,000
Energy Factor 0.82 for Natural Gas
Energy Star Yes
Approved Gas Types Natural Gas
Temperature Settings

98°F - 140°F with MC-91-2US
98° F - 185° F with MCC-91-2US

Type of Controller

• MC-91-2US (included)
• MCC-91-2US (optional for Commercial or Hydronic Applications)
• MC-100V-1US Deluxe Controller (optional)
• BC-100V-1US Bathroom Controller (optional)
• MC-100V-1US Deluxe Controller (optional)

Ultra Lox NOx ​Yes
Electrical AC 120 Volts, 60 Hz
Electrical Consumption

• Normal: 97 Watts
• Standby: 2 Watts
• Anti-Frost Protection: 120 Watts

Type of Appliance

• Temperature controlled, continuous flow, gas hot water system
• Certified for installation in manufactured (mobile) homes
• Forced combustion / Direct vent
• Energy Star qualified

Type of Appliance REU - VC2737FFUD - US
Min/Max Gas Rate (Input) 10,300 - 192,000 BTU/h (3.02 - 56.3kWh)
Electrical • Appliance: AC 120 Volts - 60 Hz
• Controller: DC 12 Volts
Electrical Consumption Normal: 97 w Standby: 2 w Anti - frost protection: 120 w
Amperage Max with pump: 8A Max without pump: 4A Fuse: 10A
Ignition System Direct electronic ignition
Hot Water Capacity • Minimum flow rate: 0.26 GPM (1 l/min)
• Minimum activation flow rate: 0.4 GPM (1.5l /min)
• Maximum flow rate: 9.8 GPM (37.1 l/min)
Temperature • 98° - 120°F (37° - 49°C) (factory default)
• Maximum temperature is selectable at 120°F (49°C) or at 140°F (60°C) ;
• 98° - 185°F (37° - 85°C) available with the MCC - 91 - 2 controller for commercial and hydronic applications
Temperature (without remote) 120°F (49°C) (factory default) or 140°F (60°C)
Service Connections • Gas supply: 3/4 inch(19mm) MNPT
• Cold water inlet: 3/4 inch(19mm) MNPT
• Hot water outlet: 3/4 inch(19mm) MNPT
Isolation & Pressure Relief Valves Included Heavy duty forged brass Webstone Isolator valves EXP E2, certified to NSF/ ANSI 61 - 8 for potable water, rated up to 200,000BTU and 150psi
Water Flow Control Water flow sensor, electronic water control device and by - pass
Minimum/Maximum Water Supply Pressure • 20 - 150 PSI (138 - 1035KPa) (recommended)
• 30 - 80 PSI (207 – 552KPa) for maximum performance)


Rinnai RLX94iN Luxury Series Ultra-Low NOx Indoor NG Tankless Water Heater


Comprehensive Brochure
Luxury Series Brochure
Installation and Operation Manual

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