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Support Rollers, Exact PipeCut V1000 Spiral Venting Pipe-Duct Cutter

Original price $931.00 - Original price $935.95
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$931.00 - $935.95
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Set of three support rollers for the Exact PipeCut V1000 Vent Pipe Saw

The V1000 Pipe Support System is designed to work perfectly with the PipeCut V1000.

Since the rollers have two positions, rotated open and closed, which allows it to be used with a wide range of pipe diameters: Outside diameter ("OD") from 75mm (3") up to 1000mm (40"). In the closed position, it accommodates smaller pipes with an OD of 75mm (3") to 400mm (16"). In the open position, larger pipes fit with an OD of 400mm (16") to 1000mm (40.0").

This roller set ships with the PipeCut Bag 3. Dimensions: Width 54cm (21.3"). Depth 25cm (9.8"). Height 29cm (11.4"). Made of Durable nylon.

This roller set is an optional accessory to the PipeCut V1000, not included with the price of the saw.


Maximum pipe outside diameter: 1000mm (40.0")
Weight of each roller: 2.77kg (6.1 lb)
Made of steel and plastic
Dimensions closed: Width 25.9cm (7.1"). Depth 16.5cm (6.5"). Height 12.9cm (5.1")
Dimensions open: Width 39.4cm (15.5"). Depth 25,5cm (10.0"). Height 16.4cm (6.5")