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Waiwela 3-4" Thread Tankless Installation Valves, PRV (WTIV-TRD-SB-P)

by Waiwela
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Tankless Installation Valves make water heater maintenance a safe and hassle-free job.

Tankless Installation Valves (TIVs) are designed to save your time and ensure easy maintenance in the future. Use for multiple applications such as installation, maintenance, purging, flushing and for use with the Waiwela Un-Clog-It Descaling Kit. TIVs also allow full diagnostic testing of your heater. It makes emergency shut off as easy as a one-quarter turn of the valve handle.

Waiwela Thread Tankless Installation Valves with PRV (WTIV-TRD-SB-P)Features

• Works with tankless water heaters with 3/4" water connections
• Full 3/4" inside diameter valve body
• Heavy duty, lead-free brass construction
• Hot water valve is coded red. Cold water valve is coded blue
• Union assembly connects to water heater for easy removal
• Hot water valve (red) includes a female NPT port to receive pressure relief valve
• Both hot and cold valves include a drain/flush port with an isolation ball valve that terminates with a male hose fitting that is capped and threaded
• Works with de-scaling systems
• Compatible with most recessed boxes and pipe covers
• Ensures an easy and proper installation
• Ideal for future maintenance and service

Waiwela Thread Tankless Installation Valves with PRV (WTIV-TRD-SB-P) Waiwela Thread Tankless Installation Valves with PRV (WTIV-TRD-SB-P)